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Live Arrangement & Orchestration

Watch a live arrangement & orchestration session using a Disney style orchestral composition from start to finish.

Sampled orchestras are becoming the norm.


In today's musical landscape, sample libraries are becoming ever more affordable. This means that anyone can get started producing orchestral music on their laptop, using top of the line samples to bring their musical ideas to life.

While this is a wonderful opportunity to get started in composing with the orchestra, many composers are producing mockups that sound unrealistic, dynamically limited, and devoid of expression.

Why would this be the case?

Especially in today's climate, many musicians don't have the opportunity to go out and listen to live orchestras perform. This is a shame, because you really learn what an orchestra is capable of in a live setting. 

So what's the solution?

You need to adapt to the technology.


I'm in agreement that we need to listen to live orchestras to internalize the sound of each instrument family, and know what the orchestra can do.

However, that's a totally different story when it comes to applying what you hear into your own mockups.

It's important to learn from someone who has not only listened to live orchestras perform, but also produces orchestral arrangements on a regular basis, incorporating the subtleties, balance, and expression into every sampled instrument.

Even non-musicians can pick up the sound of a sampled trumpet or string section nowadays. It's the small details that really contribute to a convincing and realistic result.

In short, you need a roadmap. 

And that's where I can help you.

Live Arrangement & Orchestration Orchestration

A live mockup orchestration session detailing mockup production tips, instrument voicings, common doublings, balance, and much more. 

Chris L, composer & musician

Live Orchestration & Arrangement includes:

  1. Building an Orchestral Template - how to create your ideal template for a quick composing workflow
  2. Orchestrating the Intro - achieving a lush and smooth texture with the string sections
  3. Orchestrating the A Section - less is more. In the main theme, a horn solo is balanced with background strings for a warm tone.
  4. Orchestrating the A' Section - the repetition of the main theme sees a swell in energy and intensity, turning to the solo trumpet
  5. Tweaking the A to A' Transition - building a natural crescendo into the A' using cymbal rolls, timpani, string tremolo, and more!
  6. Orchestrating the B Section - this is where the energy dips back down for an intimate moment. Very important to contrast your sections.
  7. Tweaking the B Section - experimenting with new countermelodies and transition elements for smoother flow
  8. Orchestrating the Returning A and A' Sections - with a new energy, the returning main themes turn to the strings for a passionate performance. 
  9. Orchestrating the Ending - it's all about how you finish!
  10. Final Tweaks - last orchestration changes and considerations before mixing and mastering!
By the time you reach the end of this course, you will:

  • Understand exactly how to create an effective template for quick composing
  • Think about orchestrating in sections, not as a whole
  • Discover effective ways to create expression through your sampled instruments for natural dynamics
  • See how to balance while arranging, and why that's so important
  • Learn how to choose instruments properly depending on your end goal
  • And much more!

On top of that, I've got a bonus for you...

As a bonus, you'll also receive my video module on sample libraries, software and hardware I recommend for anyone to get started in orchestral composition! It normally sells for $50, but it's included in your copy of Live Arrangement & Orchestration, absolutely free.

So just to recap, here's what you'll receive when you purchase today:

  • Nearly 7 hours of live orchestration training, step by step
  • A clear way to choose the proper instruments for your music to get your ideas across
  • Create natural expression with your samples, simply using the mod wheel
  • How to write beautiful counterpoint lines and create smooth voice leading between your instruments
  • A bonus video module on my favourite sample libraries, and essential hardware to get started

I look forward to seeing you on the inside! 
As a seasoned composer, arranger and orchestrator, it's a pleasure taking Christopher's course. Presented in a gentle, easy-going style, one can grasp and understand the material presented quickly as a result. From the beginner, to the novice, hobbyist, semi-pro and even the pro; this course is highly recommended for anyone who desires to learn, or even re-learn, the many aspects of music creation.

- Phillip A. (award-winning composer, conductor, & producer) 

So how much does this course cost?


Traditional music programs at university can cost over $8,000/year, as mine did! Online courses are another option, but I've seen some being sold at $3,000 apiece
Private lessons and coaching can run you upwards of $150/hour, which I've had when going through my musical studies, so those don't come cheap either.
I want to make this course as affordable for you as possible, so when you join today you'll have access to all the material for one payment of $97! 


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Don't's 100% risk free.


I’ve packed a lot into this course because not only do I want you to create the music that I know you can make, but I want to guarantee that you don’t fail.

And to make it a no-brainer deal for you I’m giving you a 60 day 100% money-back guarantee with your purchase today.

That’s right: Go through the course, follow the steps, put in the work, and if you don’t love it in the first 60 days of your purchase, send me an email and I’ll refund you immediately. No questions asked, no hard feelings.

If this course doesn’t work for you, I’d much prefer for you to take your money and invest it where you will be happier and get results. 

Imagine a year from today...

Thinking about the process of orchestration and what every single instrument does is overwhelming enough. You've already written your music, and you just want it to sound just as produced and arranged like you hear your head. What would it mean for you to orchestrate your music without overthinking the process and tweaking every detail?

Working quickly is paramount to completing your projects in a good timeframe. You need a polished workflow that takes you from A to Z without any hassles. And that's exactly what I show you inside Live Orchestration & Arrangement!

You can do this. Join me inside today and let me show you how to write the best music I know you can make.

Warmest wishes,

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