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  • How to use dynamics and expression for realism and musicality in your performances
  • How to blend microphone positions and contrasting libraries for cohesive mockups 
  • The proper way to use EQ and reference tracks to clean your mixes and inspire detailed orchestrations
  • The secret behind quantizing and tempo automation, and why it's so important 

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The Composing & Arranging Bundle

The Composing & Arranging Bundle - comprised of 3 popular courses that give you the very best in exploring my process of composing, producing, orchestrating, mixing, and mastering your own music. 

The 3 courses include:

Cinematic Music Creation (reg: $497) - My flagship course, the big-daddy. This course takes you through the entire music-making process, from the initial idea to the completed master. 

Songwriting for Animation (reg: $297) - an comprehensive look at the music of classic Disney, and how to craft memorable melodies, lush harmonies, and intricate orchestrations that create a sense of magic and wonder in your music.

Expressive String Arranging (reg: $247) - a deep dive into my personal string arranging process. Focusing on emotional passages and lush orchestration, this course encapsulates everything you need to know about using your sample libraries to create flowing, smooth string parts to bring your music to life. 

Purchased separately, these 3 courses add up to $1,050

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