As a classically trained pianist and teacher, I believe each student is unique, with different strengths, interests and goals. In addition to the fundamentals of music (musical literacy, rhythm and ear training), I'll help you explore the beauty in music through my emphasis on tone production and musical phrasing. I help students prepare for RCM examinations, players looking to improve their technique and musicality, and hobbyists who simply want to enjoy playing the piano in their free time. 


If you're a songwriter, having the ability to write and play every note that comes to mind on the piano can be one of the most fulfilling feelings you can have. As a producer, having the ability to map out beautiful chord progressions and melodic shapes is priceless when it comes to your speeding up your workflow and keeping the creative juices flowing. Let me show you what a few lessons can do. 


I teach out of my two studios in Toronto, Canada, as well as online through Skype. 


"I started learning piano to aid my productions and to improve my music theory but having lessons with Chris has helped me more than I could have imagined. Chris is patient, always has a smile on his face, and explains everything clearly. Not only is he a great teacher, he is also a great friend. I can’t recommend Chris enough!"

— Chris